Missing In Action

Missing in Action

Yes, that's me, completely neglecting my website for a full three years, only to show up on the last day of 2023 to fill in the quota. For those with a keen eye (realistically, no one), I've updated my website occasionally, especially my current workplace, but that's about all.

I've also been slacking on some maintenance work for this website. Since I created it four years ago, Gatsby was the cool kid; everyone was talking about it, as well as GraphQL. Fast forward four years, and GatsbyJS has been massively overtaken by NextJs, pushed into oblivion, and as for GraphQL, I don't even want to say anything. Regardless, thank you, Andrew Mead, for your tutorial on Gatsby all those years ago, and thank you, ChatGPT, for helping me to debug issues on Gatsby after neglecting it for so long and keeping the blog running. Huzzah.

As for a quick summary since my last blog post, I've had the chance to work at two different companies with amazingly talented people. I've had the opportunity to travel to three different countries and bring back amazing experiences. We got our first client for Maze Design Lab and started working on our own project. What's been constant, though, is being surrounded by the right people.

I realize I have some catching up to do, so the next blog post will be coming soon. I intend to write about my time working at SOCAR Mobility, where I got the chance to work on all the apps at the company (Trevo, SOCAR, and DASH). It was an interesting time where I had to break out of being a junior and take full responsibility and ownership of a product. I worked independently on solving complex problems, and boy, do I have a story to tell about the, ahem, smart key. Till then here are some pictures from my trip to Turkey in Feb/March of 2022.

Ortaköy Mosque

Inside of Hagia Sophia

Ortaköy & Me

The view from above in Cappadocia

Chairlift up to Uludağ


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